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Cincinnati is a city for makers. Our products have impacted the world from machine tools to soap. We continue to have a great collection of resources from existing manufacturers to available light industrial space in desirable urban locations. But our community tends to be invisible even to each other. We created Cincinnati Made to be both a public platform for makers and products and to connect our community internally so that we can share knowledge and leverage resources to continue to grow our businesses.


  • Showcase local goods
  • Build a community
  • Connect resources


  • Hold monthly grass roots meetings to gather and talk about common challenges or topics of interest.
  • Public tours of spaces, and member tours of factories.
  • Raise the profile of manufacturing and making community by featuring media media including video, web profiles, and social media stories.
  • Leverage a group of interested business owners to better access resources like industrial property listings.
  • Actively match-make with existing local manufacturing to scale smaller businesses.
  • Hold classes on making skills and sourcing locally, spec’ing for manufacturing.
  • Host a programming like First Batch in actively seeking support in connecting and making projects happen.


  • Must be a company that primarily produces a physical, shippable product
  • Manufacturing at least one product within the I-275 – loop in Cincinnati region
  • Must have at least one full time employee (can include Sole Proprietorship) or be aimed at becoming a full time business
  • Have a desire to grow and contribute to the community

Become a Member

We’ll be announcing our founding members soon, with public applications and details to follow.